Ipharra | What?
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On board you will have access to a range of leisure activities:  find something in the library or DVD collection, relax in the TV room, enjoy the open-air cinema or board games.  Help navigate if you want, work out routes with the captain, take the rudder beneath the stars.  Choose your own menus, wine or cigars with your chef.  Discover the most beautiful ports of call and ask the chief steward to reserve taxis, excursions or restaurant tables for you.  Use your own computer or iPad by logging on to the on-board wifi.  Enjoy taking to the water using the wide variety of leisure equipment provided.


Ipharra is fitted with a stern Hydraulic elevator to facilitate access to the boat and two motor boats: a Zodiac Yachtline deluxe 470 with Yamaha 80 hp and a Bombard AX compact 500 with Yamaha 9.9 hp.


Seabob Jet

Sweeping along through the water with a Seabob Jet is a fascinating experience. Nothing can be more fun than rediscovering water: ride over water, dive into impressive underwater world and cruise along the surface. Using a Seabob is sheer wellness: the massage provided by the pressure of the water leaves your whole body tingling afterwards. Seabob is a real water toy. It’s powerful and easy to handle.



Kayak and paddles

BIC Sport Tobago is the perfect kayak for two persons use. Its ergonomic seating positions and well researched design provide numerous possibilities of use. There is space for a bag or container when out on an excursion.

And have a fun ride, stand up on your paddle !



Water skiing, wake board and collection of bananas, jumpsets and kneeboards…

Have fun with your family or friends in the water riding a Jobe banana boat ! Brien Le Tube Deluxe and Tube Screamers are great to pair up friends or foes and watch to see who can hang on the longest. These two person tubes are fun to have behind the Ipharra‘s tender.

Scuba diving & Snorkelling

Ipharra is equipped for 8 scuba divers, including tanks and computers, as well as snorkeling equipment for kids and adults, with sets of snorkels, masks and fins. Ipharra crew will tailor the best itinerary for your snorkelling trip.



Sailing Laser

Enjoy a lesson of sailing aboard the Laser Sailing Dinghy, fast, robust and which responds directly to wind variations on the sea.



Fishing & Deep Sea Fishing

Whether it’s fishing in small bays, trolling the coastal flats or heading offshore for the thrills of big game fishing.



Beach Toys

Beach toys and water toys will add fun to your Ipharra cruise and will keep your children busy while parents sunbathe on the beach or explore the underwater world. Play frizbee on the beach sand, sunbathe safely under a beach umbrella. Your children will love playing with our pool toys, beach toys and water toys. We have also all necessary equipment to organize a beach volleyball tournament between guests.